Please Wait a Moment

How it all started...


Growing up with food was always what brought the family together and later...friends.  Some of my favorite memories with my family (especially my mother) were centered around the kitchen preparing great food and taste-testing along the way.

My reward has been so much more than just cooking or is the countless hours spent laughing and sharing stories in and around the kitchen. Our neighbors and friends are such willing participants in the "best yet" recipe I have created. Many times I would hear, "Can I get the recipe?" But I could not answer because I never wrote it down. 

So...that is how this food blog was conceptualized --- what a great way to share recipes, inspirations, and more!

My biggest fan of all time is my love and husband. He has been the greatest support and critic. I know when an experiment did not go well is when I ask, "Is this recipe repeatable?" He will say, "No".  Or I know I am "golden" is when he says, "It's over the top!". 

I am the happiest when I am creating a new recipe or planning a casual dinner party with friends.  The way I look at it --- I get to be creative while at the same time be able to share the end result with those who love to eat.  I call that a win - win situation!

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